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Programmes to help you... feel better get back on track feel calmer thrive To see if we can help: Try the Wellbeing Questionnaire or See what programmes are available.

How It Works

We design programmes to fit into your life. Based on years of clinical research, our methods are proven to help you feel better. Read more

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Learn and practice for up to one hour per week.
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How It Has Helped Others


Personal Story 2


Ella, 20, on using the Space from Anxiety Programme

When my counsellor first suggested an online programme, I was terrified! I thought my problems were just too big and that I wouldn’t be able to cope with it all alone. I felt a little reassured when I realised that I would have a supporter to help me and guide me as I worked through the program.

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Jonathan, 43, on using the Space from Depression Programme

I heard about SilverCloud and I decided to try it out. I could see straight away that it was interactive and had lots of exercises to help me to put the skills I had learned into practice. At first, it was a little scary writing about my problems – I guess it made them more real – but it helped me to step out of my mind and look at the whole situation. It gave me some perspective.

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Personal Story 4


Jo, 61, on using the Space from Stress Program

I went to see my physician for a check-up. He told me that my blood pressure was too high. I needed to find a better way to deal with the stress in my life. A therapist also worked in the clinic and spoke to me about SilverCloud. I really didn’t see how it could help me. I didn’t go back for a while but then my stress levels got worse and I decided to give it another shot.

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Is it for you?

1 in 4
people in the world will be affected by a mental health condition
Source: World Health Organisation

of SilverCloud users show significant improvement.
Source: the Berkshire Clinical Trials, NHS

2 in 3
people with a known mental health condition will never seek help.
Source: World Health Organisation

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